February 28, 2012

Jeff: Are you thinking about dinner or should I?
Chelsea: I’ll get it don’t worry.

Five minutes pass.

J: You know what babe?
C: What?
J: The other day when I was at Trader Joe’s do you know what I got?
C: No, what?
J: Cranberry Mango Salsa. They had these samples and it was really good so I got some and I still have it. We should use that, maybe make some chicken with it.
C: That sounds good Bij. You want to make burritos?
J: Yeah I think that stuff would be perfect for burritos. Maybe with some parlif?
C: With what?
J: Some par-lif.
C: Do you mean pilaf?
J: Yeah that stuff.
C: Sure.
J: Hey, do you want the other half of this piece of gum?


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