Three Things I Wish Had Never Been Said (to me)

January 18, 2013

1.  I did not want to come because I walk and talk like my father and all of you hate him now, really want to give him a piece of your mind. I come anyway, clenching an olive branch.We are at Chuck E. Cheese celebrating one or both of your grandsons’ October birthdays. I I have nearly 70 tickets for high Skeeball scores and am chewing my second slice of cardboard pepperoni pizza. You lean in across the table and you, you look crazy. You say, “I never thought he’d do what he did. Not after your own mother cheated on him.” I stare, slack-jawed, my blood boiling. “Oops,” you continue, “I must have said too much.”

2. I ask, in an e-mail, if you think I’d be a good candidate for an MFA program. Your reply is short and in it, I can hear the exact, curt manner with which you punched the keys. You say I am too “overwhelmed by things that do not flow out of you naturally, if not chaotically.” You then wish me the best of luck in all of my endeavors and to please, exclude you from them.

3. “Chelsea sit closer to me. How do you get your skin so soft like that, Chelsea? You have a boyfriend don’t you? I think you could handle the both of us. I bet you’re a good lover, good in the sack. You’re so much better than my regular girl, Chelsea, God your skin, I want to cancel everyone else,” you say with Parkinson’s and your hands down your pants.


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